Employee Testimonials

Here are testimonials we have collected from our staff over the years. McCay Duff places a strong emphasis on the personal growth of staff and knows that the difference between an accounting firm and a great accounting firm is its people.

The working and personal level relationships developed with Partners and Management is something I hadn’t expected as a Co-op Student! At McCay Duff this is something that ALL employees experience on a daily basis.

Curtis Milobar, Co-op Student

CKE exam fee $370

SOA exam fee $1,800

UFE exam fee $1,580

UFE prep fee $2,500

Total Costs $6,250

How much money I spent on the above $0

McCay Duff provides the financial support that most smaller firms cannot offer. As a recent writer, an array of practical experience I gained while working at McCay Duff augmented my studies, which helped me pass the UFE in one shot.

Tae Kim, Staff Accountant

Many firms claim to be like a “family” but ours really is. I can honestly say that the relationships I have built with many of the partners and management team add a value to my job that is immeasurable. The ability to speak to anyone through our open door policy makes McCay Duff an incredible workplace to grow professionally and one that I am proud of to be a part.

April Wheeler, Senior Manager

I have worked for CPA firms in both Canada and the United States. To me, what separates McCay Duff from other accounting firms is the consistent quick turnaround time for the completion of engagements, and the timely response to clients.

Rick Evans, Senior Manager, Valuations

Everything here is as it is. It’s not a job, it’s not an interview, it’s just people helping people, working together, and making a successful business. And that’s what this is all about.

Jiash Wu, Senior Staff Accountant

McCay Duff is like family. Where people work together to meet goals and where they show respect for one another.

Amit Parbhakar, Staff Accountant

As a CPA with experience at several firms I believe that we have the best work-life balance, especially for junior staff.

Lee Tessmer, Senior Staff Accountant

As an employee of McCay Duff I have been given real responsibility and support from the start. It really is a perfect place to grow.

Davin Paulin, Senior Staff Accountant

Working at McCay Duff is a pleasure; the work is enjoyable and challenging. Everyone shows their dedication to the Firm through their excellent client service. I have gained many friendships over the years, and believe McCay Duff is one of the best firms in terms of ensuring their employees maintain a good work-life balance.

Judy Keech, Records Management

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“The auditing work they do for our Canadian operations is second to none—always timely, thorough and efficient. More than that, however, the staff and partners at McCay Duff have been providing a high degree of insight and expertise as we adopt the new International Financial Reporting Standards. We are very happy with their work and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a chartered accountant, in particular, and financial advice, in general.” Tom Brockett Chief Accountant, Knights of Columbus New Haven, Connecticut Knights of Columbus