Business Advisory

From launching your business and setting up your financial systems to planning for succession, our financial professionals are with you every step of the way. More than just trusted advisors, our business specialists bring knowledge and perspective to every issue, big or small.

Buying a business — Through a detailed analysis of the business you are considering buying, we can help get a real sense of the business’s strengths and weaknesses to avoid surprises.

Selling a business — Whether we are assisting during negotiations, reviewing letters of intent or simply making sure you are aware of all tax implications and risks, our goal is to protect your interests.

Shareholder agreements — We can assist in establishing a framework for your business to help ensure future success.

Business plans — We can help you determine an approach that makes sense, one that also helps you secure the funding you need to get started.

Cash flow projections — More than just money in and money out today, we can help you identify your future cash needs in advance so you can ensure you have the necessary funding for future operations.

Succession planning — Let us help you structure your business to protect it and you against risk and allow you to get the most for its future sale.

Business valuations — Using a variety of methods we can help you determine an approximate value of your business in advance of a sale or settlement.

As your trusted advisors, we strive to give you personalized service that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is helping you or your company maximize wealth and minimize taxes or helping your not-for-profit organization meet its statutory requirements and reach its own goals, we are always there for you.

Contact us  today to enjoy the benefits of having experienced business advisors on your side.
Blair Davidson, B.COMM, CPA, CA, CFP | Margaret Egan, B.ADMIN, CPA, CA, CIM | Dianna Larkin, BBA, CA

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"For quite a number of reasons, we have been McCay Duff clients for over two decades. One of the things we most like about the team is what they don’t do. They don’t try to be what they are not. When other professionals are needed—lawyers, financial planners and others—they don’t try to get involved beyond their areas of expertise. Because they want the very best for us, they know when to speak up and when to refer us to others. They probably don’t realize how much we appreciate that." David Stevenson Stevenson Trinka Dentistry