Estate, Financial & Succession Planning

With our intimate knowledge of the tax system, McCay Duff is the perfect choice for estate, financial and succession planning services.

Business succession — Thinking of selling your business or transferring it to the next generation? We can help plan for the future and minimize the taxes you pay.

Estate planning — We can advise you in the preparation of your will to ensure you minimize both the fees associated with obtaining probate and the taxes paid.

We can also help with

  • family trusts;
  • testamentary trusts;
  • alter-ego trusts;
  • net-worth statements; and
  • retirement planning.

As your trusted advisors, we strive to give you personalized service that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is helping you or your company maximize wealth and minimize taxes or helping your not-for-profit organization meet its statutory requirements and reach its own goals, we are always there for you.

Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of having estate, financial and succession planning specialists on your side.
Warren Trickey, B.COMM, CA, TEP | Jason Howarth, B.COMM, CA | Trevor Smithers, B.COMM, CMA | Paul Spare, B.COMM, CA

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"It sometimes feels like my career has grown right alongside McCay Duff. Over the years, they have been very supportive both on the business side and on the personal-tax side. I have had the good fortune to engage with several of their specialty services and I have always been happy with the outcomes. I highly recommend the firm." Michael G. Buckley President & CEO EXPOGRAPHIQ